Starting to write this article with having absolutely no idea about how to write it. With a blank paper on my escritoire and a pen in right hand, all i have is a reason. A very good one, indeed! Before i present it to you, i’d like you all to know whatever being written by me hereafter is for smart females and guys appreciating their smartness. Rest might end up getting their feelings hurt. Deeply. 
Keeping you on wait no more, let me take you to this conversation of mine with a quite kind of close friend of mine. Before reading which i would want you to know that

  1. he is a scholar or at least scores high grades (nowadays they don’t let you differentiate)
  2. he studies in the same institute i study in.
  3. name, obviously is changed for convenient purposes.

So, it was a typical Friday night which no longer remained typical and the reason why will be left for you to find out as this conversation ends.

Friday eve:

jack: didn’t see you in college these days, where are you? And i kept bumping into that cute friend of yours.

me: which cute friend?

jack: and sometimes we had a 2-3 second stare-off or something. And we’d walk away.

me: no clue. ( I recollected the last time he walked right past me. Yes, of course, I from the very start knew which girl is he exactly talking about. )

jack: that day when i crossed you, you were talking to her. You guys seemed quite close. And how many cute friends do you have?

me: that depends. Cuteness there is blondeness here.

jack: okay, maybe:p so, how am i getting to know her name?

me: not from me, i assure:)

jack: Jeniffer D’souza!

me: ?

jack: that’s the name, i kind of knew it.

me: of course you did.

jack: a very good friend of yours, isn’t she? i wouldn’t mind you introducing me to her:p

me: hey, we both have a chemistry test to attempt tomorrow. How about sharing some good luck wishes and saying a goodbye?

What he replied then or what he kept on replying then didn’t bother me much. And hence should be out of your interest too. if anything shall matter, it’d be that none of his messages got a reply from me thereafter. So, this is it then, i’m about to lose a friend. what happened next would be written in my next article ‘Real men don’t carry change’. Hereby giving you some time to think over what exactly ticked me off?

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