Before you start reading this blog post make sure you’re done reading the previous one ‘what ticked me off?’ for this is its continued part. 99% of the readers might have guessed the answer of the question i asked in that blog post and to my utter disappointment, the answer would be jealousy. In which case you’re wrong. Solely writing this blog post so i can clarify what jack does or decides to do will now and always be out of my concern. His choice is as poor as his opinion of close friendship. Allow me to elaborate my above sentence in a better way. Firstly, his choice: The girl he spotted me talking to is entirely and always decked up. Not that being decked up is insulting but being decked up with books in the hands held upside down surely is! Beautiful, but dumb! Bimbo could be the correct word. Secondly, close friendship: i share absolutely no friendship with that girl. What jack repeatedly voted as ‘good friendship’ was nothing but a casual talk which i wanted to end as soon as i ever could. Not to get self-obsessive, but a girl bold, not so decked up, having an idea of whats going on in the country and also being a technologist can barely stand the conversation a bimbo want to indulge her in. So, the reason i ended my conversation with jack was a fear disturbing me. I remember when Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher says “you’ve no idea how tough it is to compete with these barbie doll types”. The dialogue had started resonating in my mind already. As much as the confidence i have about not being bothered by jack’s choice, exactly equal is the fear of my future man choosing a bimbo over me.

Dear readers, now is the correct time to cancel the tick you did beside the icon of jealousy and make a big tick mark right beside the icon of losing face against a blonde. Asked about this to my mother and her answer did pop sparkle in my eyes. The bimbo-allergic mood couldn’t have got better. She said and i quote “Intelligent women aren’t worried about dimes around their men. For they know, real men don’t carry change.”

Meanwhile, wearing my judgement spectacles, rolling up my sleeves with this EMINƎM expression on my face, all to examine this guy i newly have a crush on! Deep inside, i am praying him to have this ‘real man’ card my mom defined it as. For next to him is right where i want to be!

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