Image  My friend invited me to his house for dinner. He owns a cat, so i spent the night at his place. And here i am, still playing with his cat! I’ve always been this crazy about cats without giving a thought to what caused this craziness. Been awake the entire night to watch this cat sleep. On waking up, my friend threw a smirk at me. “What?”, i asked. To which he replied, “I’ve never understood why you girls love cats. Cats are independent at their best, they don’t listen to you, they don’t come to you when you call, they like to stay out all night and when they’re home, they like to be left alone. All they need to do is sleep. In other words, everything you hate in a man, you love it in a cat”.

Not sure if what he said is truth, its just that currently i don’t have any answer to throw back at him right now. The conversation ended in a stare. A sheer blank stare! Ending this article thinking to myself, in a cat? seriously? 


8 thoughts on “In a cat. Wait…Wwwhat?

  1. Probably, if a cat lives with ignoring people he or she learns to be alone and independent. I haven’t met a cat like that in a long time and I’ve met really many cats.
    Although, I do understand your post is not so much about cats, but this statement just drew my attention 🙂

  2. Bahaha. My cat is so not cold and standoffish as described. She chats (“mrrrph? mrrrph?”). She loves people. She asks for hugs. Other times, she gets people to pet her while she eats because she prefers not to eat alone. And if your brushing her she ‘grooms’ you back and starts licking your hands. You keep loving the tiny little beasties – I sure do 😀

    • pics of your cat are just as cute as you describe her. and the grooming part is extra ordinarily cute though. learning so lot about them through the blogs, looks like the speechless (me) then got so much to say right now:D

  3. My cat comes when I call her and she knows when i’m looking for her because I’ll hear the “mrrr?” and here she comes, she’s such a friendly little thing. Yes, cats are independent and a little finicky but their fun personalities and bright eyes make us love them so!

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