By the time I reached the end of the list of my new year resolutions, I thought I could make a list of what this year taught me. And by the time I reached the end of the list of things 2013 taught me, I thought I could share it with you and have much more fun! So, here you go:


  • life is too short to live it as a ‘nice’ person
  • people always leave, just that sometimes they come back
  • live the moments of happiness, b’cause happiness just loves to disappear quickly
  • if money can’t buy happiness, happiness can’t buy money too
  • commitment is just too much to ask for, stay happy with loyalty. its rare too!
  • only dead fishes go with the flow, I should make my own way
  • all the crazy people that claim they can change this world, those are the ones that actually do.
  • good things don’t come to those who wait for it but to those who work their ass off for it.
  • most relationships fail due to language barrier, one speaks good english and other is fluent in lies and pretense.
  • good grades and success in life don’t always go hand in hand.
  • the mind that refuses to stay in boundaries is the mind that crosses the horizon.
  • i cannot win every argument, but i can do the jack-off motion and walk away which is pretty much the same thing.
  • at the end of the day, blood is always thicker.
  • happiness is a choice.
  • no time for gossip, there’s a personality to be developed.
  • everything comes with an expiration date, you’ll be fool to think otherwise.
  • when you start to dream and act on it, reality hits in your guts with Thor’s hammer and brings you back to itself.
  • be with someone that makes you happy
    and last but not the least,
  • don’t grow up, its a trap! let that kid in you stay refulgent, now and always!

Phew! this wasn’t easy, amount of time taken to complete this article was way more than rest of them. Recollecting the happenings of the entire year, these are not just the things 2013 taught me but also the things i won’t let 2014 teach me:)

7 thoughts on “Things 2013 taught me…

  1. This is such a good, well thought-out post! Some of these are what I learned this year as well, while others are ones I had never thought of but will now try to act on!

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