Slang is the slang of shortened language. Okay, the fact is cool, but constant usage of slang is not! of the thousand reasons for hating slang, allow me to present you a funny one. Being tired the entire day i was fast asleep until it was midnight 2:30 that my doorbell rang leaving me and my family in strong confusion of who could it be. Gathering all his guts, brother opened the door and standing there was a man in coat saying “sorry to disturb, orders were to deliver this to madam urgently.” Undergoing everyone’s glare as he pointed towards me when he said the word ‘madam’, i opened the present. There was this newly arrived in market, Lenovo Yoga tablet with a note that says “this year may all your wishes come true. Here is me completing one. happy new year!” In no seconds, i understood who is it from. Wow! what a wonderful way to infuriate me! Needless to mention, that gift was obviously sent back. Immediately wrote him a text that reads:
“you’ve made your money involvement in our friendship the quickest way for me to never want you again. No expensive gift will ever oblige me enough to maintain relations with you. Happy with what i have. Nice knowing you so far, good bye.

a few minutes later, my cell vibrated with a text that reads:
“as always, you’ve been so hard to understand. All the time you spent with me the last time we met, you jabbered about how much you’d love to have a tabby. And then blame me when i take it as a hint of what you want as your new year gift”.

Damn these slangs! I hate living in a world where IAS is called ‘i am sorry’, TTM is called ‘talk to me’, laptop is called lappy and tablet is called tabby! For me, tabby will always mean a grey or brown cat with dark stripes. Well, that is how Oxford dictionary describes it as. And i’d actually love to have that tabby. Today at this moment, above incident is just an excuse for me and him and our families to burst into laughter. Being happy about the reconciliation, i am happier about entering a year in which i will be loved. Have a happy new year, you all!


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