Boys are getting dumb, girls are getting crazy. It’s evolution! if you’re a boy, i know you’re gonna stop reading now. Although I don’t wanna get into the argument over if boys are dumb how come is it possible that all presidents of this country are men? 90% of scientists are men or whatever boys have to say in defense of their gender. The sole purpose of writing this article is to present my horrible experience. Also, i’m finding the way to turn off the side in me which in spite of endless experiences is not tired of giving their dumbness a chance to reach an expiration date! Starting with the story,

After lectures, my male class mate asked me out for coffee with him and i agreed. Thinking one coffee with him would be harmless, turned out to be a great mistake later.

him: would you like to join me for a movie? wolf of wall street?
Apart from all those ongoing cheesy teenage trends, opting for this film was pretty appreciable.
me: glad to know you’re aware of what ‘wall street’ is.
him: yea, must be some street. so, you coming?

I excused myself, rushed into the washroom and threw myself out of the window. The pain obviously was lesser than the way his dumbness stabbed me. I want no suggestions, no advices, just two questions for you:

1. if we could send one man on moon, why don’t we send all of them?

2. is it counted as saving someone’s life if you just stop yourself from killing them? i mean, many dumb boys are still alive and i haven’t received my medals yet!

7 thoughts on “Just 2 questions for you

  1. oh yes some men are so dumb, they cant even take a hint. but we are much smarter than them so dont bother urself, just leave. 🙂 and maybe, maybe u can find one better adjective in a guy… who is crazy.. crazy for u! 🙂

  2. When I read it, it looked like “must be some street” was a clever flirt. Dunno, maybe he was trying to make you laugh. If he really didn’t know, though, smh….

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