So, i’ve been watching this episode of tv series ‘Awkward’ where the professor tells his students that writing is not when you tweet, write a facebook status or write an entire blog. Writing is when you write about what you’re most afraid to share. True or not, i wanted to be a part of his challenge. Here you go:

the words, ’18 and a virgin’ don’t ring your ears as much as the words ’18 and a single since birth’ do. Yes, you read it right! Can’t help the truth but I quite a lot enjoyed this ‘self-titivating’ period denying all the received proposals. I had lost all the hopes of sharing any breathtaking moments, until i bumped into a guy at the entry of the hall in this christian wedding i recently attended.

After reaching the end, let me know if the same has happened with you or not. If yes, how did you pass that phase, b’cause i clearly can’t. All kinds of advice would be gladly accepted.

I’ve always been bored at weddings b’cause of which i was walking out of the hall where we underwent this ‘gentle collision’. The plan of leaving the wedding halfway was obviously changed. Our eyes met in smile. Me and my insides were dying to feel him from that short distance, just one more time! Its been more than half an hour that i haven’t taken my eyes off him. The girl who never shut up about how she merits second glances has now had her more-than-30-minutes stare. Nods up to say hello, nods down to say thank you, if its not for that handsome face i’ve surely fallen for that handsome personality. I wanna get wrapped up in his arms and kiss his elegant and ineluctable incisor. I hit myself on the back of my head for what have a just started fantasizing about. You can take a girl out of the dark but you can’t take the darkness out of the girl. All the things i thought i’ll never understand have now become my utmost needs. This revelation of the darkness in me makes me want to punch myself hard. Being a chaotic occasion, getting caught for checking him out with this endless stare was the last thing to worry about. Event of hours have come to an end and i feel like it’s been just a second. I haven’t even had enough of him and everybody’s leaving for their homes.

if this is what he actually looked like:


this is what he looked like to me:


Being a technologist, it took me 5 minutes to find his name and 15 more to know about his life. Single or not, i already wanna mark him mine. For this is a wonderful creation i’ve seen in a long long time. Today after so many days, his unbeatable fragrance refuses to leave my nostrils.

I could dream of ways to see you,
I could close my eyes to dream,
But with every closure,
the engaging smile is all i’ve seen!

He has surely help me unveil some secrets about myself. I don’t know if writing about this was a good thing to do, but i’m living in a daze i surely wanna get out of. I rub my eyes and slap my face, he seems too stubborn to get off my mind. This all might sound silly, but hey, it’s my first time!

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