5 packets of tissues have been used and the flood of tears don’t stop gushing down my cheeks since when i watched the golden globe awards, 2014. Emma Thompson enters the stage with Louboutins in one hand and martini in other. If i’d have been there, i’d have clapped the hardest, hoot the loudest, and cheered the best saying ‘well played’.

This reminded me of my college days and i felt so nostalgic thereafter. Not that i ain’t in college now, but education in my life had 3 stages:

1.school(all heavenly)
2.junior college(my world)
3.degree college(institute of nerds)

I was of the age 14 when i was admitted to my junior college. That was the start and the best part of my teenage. Things were quite dramatic back then. I remember when i guy asked me “movie tonight @ 7?” and i threw a smirk saying “tell me how it was”. I remember a girl complimenting me saying “you look amazing today”, to which i replied “yea, you don’t look too bad either”. I remember when some co-students had issues with the decisions i took as a sports team captain and i just said ” this is my world, you just live in it”. Back then guys used to line up to be chosen for as our prom night partners, I remember giving them scores based on their looks. Ones with 3 or less got a ‘whatever’, ones with 6 or less got hair-flip and eye-rolls and ones with more than 6 were being thought of! The best part was asking “don’t you know who i am?” with this catwoman attitude to the newly arrived students who had some guts to come and talk to us!

Things are nowhere near the same now. I am studying engineering in the institute of nerds. They are all running in a rat race and rest of them are caught in a net of drudgery. Here day starts with scoring 9 pointers and ends with internships and paper presentations. Welcome to the world where your marks are your identity. Career plans are the only topic to talk about in lunch breaks and spare time. Unlike then, i’m too afraid to ask ‘don’t you know who i am?, maybe i don’t know the answer or maybe ‘you’re a no one here’ could be the answer. Know what?, someday, i’m gonna prosper and i’m gonna earn back my long-lost so called glamour. Till then plugging in the ear-chords and listening to Nelly Furtado’s Why do all good things come to an end?.


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