Valentine’s Day fever has gone? If yes, thank god for that. Just in case any of you wanna know how was my day, the entire day, all i did was this


I am sick of seeing heart-shaped things everywhere — on clothes, jewellery, store windows, heck, even in desserts… I could go on. And the colour red. Blah! I was on the verge of locking myself at home just so that I wouldn’t have to meet one more person who asked me about my V-Day plans. I had even stopped reading the papers and magazines a week before the gush-fest. While some were suggesting ways to make this Valentine’s Day special, others were tempting me with the perfect place to dine at, or the dream vacation destination to run to!

The last straw? When my friend offered me heart-shaped mouth freshener. Really, now! What next? People with heart-shaped heads? I find this show of love depressing. I abhor the idea that love has to be celebrated on one particular day, or in a particular manner.

It all seems so fake to me. Am I cynical? I don’t think so. I think any half-way intelligent person will hate anything that is so commercial. Seems like a farce. A Hallmark festival. To be fair, I didn’t always feel this way. As a kid, when I didn’t have someone who’d gift me red roses on February 14, I’d weep my heart out.

Now,in my 18, of course, I am allergic to the ‘L’ word. I prefer the other ‘L’ word. L-u-s-t… it’s more pure, isn’t it? Let me explain. When a guy says he loves you, it could mean anything. In my experience, he could be trying to get into your pants, get into your good books or be a social climber looking for a way to get into your world. But lust is lust. What you see is what you get. It doesn’t disguise itself to make it acceptable. It is a pure, unadulterated and can’t be faked. Unlike love. And lust has never broken any hearts. It has no side effects. Except joy. So, this guy in my life was adequately warned to be himself and not treat me any special on this V-Day. But when the doorbell rang that morning, I was delivered a


. The accompanying hand-written note said, “wishes to remind you that there is nothing festive about getting drunk. No matter what, i shall always be a well wisher. Lust for you till my grave”. Ah! I believe I may have found the perfect man.

6 thoughts on “Done with valentine fever?

  1. This post was great. The roots of Valentine’s Day is wonderful, but it has became so commercialized that it has lost its true meaning. I am glad that someone else sees how degraded this has become.

  2. Call me sad but I just love it when people spoke out about this commercial wet dream known as V-day. I was very happy that my two flatmates (both females with boyfriends) did not celebrate it.

    I was stalking your blog for a while tonight and I really enjoyed reading it, I should probably be grateful that you liked my crap about Breaking Bad as it introduced me to your blog. To say the least you have actually inspired me to write my feeling and not bother about my readership after all thats what blogs are about. So thank you.

  3. Hmm.. If you liked my writing style, you might enjoy what I wrote about Valentine’s Day, too. http://singlechristian1.blogspot.com/2014/02/general-disinterest-in-valentines-day.html

    I responded to your comment on my site (and yours seems interesting, too; gonna keep reading). Basically I dunno if it’s because your blog is WordPress and mine’s Blogspot that they can’t “follow” each other. That’s my best guess, unless there’s a way to subscribe by email.

    • Hey ! i’m glad to see you here. Was unsure if my comment reached you, but i’ve been kind of expecting you. I read your article on valentine’s day, just running out of ways to express the appreciation as these different blog sites are a problem for sure.

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