I ain’t sure if a can promise as much controversial content as the title of this article does. Honestly? i’m just a confused teenager studying technology who would refuse to believe in something just for the sake of believing. So, the institute i study in had this big debate competition held with the topic ‘god exists or he doesn’t?’. Just when my team was on the verge of winning , my fellow opponent’s response turned the pages. He started, saying “1. Bernard Shaw while smoking his cigarette, puffed out some smoke and said: ‘that’s for you, god’. He died at the age of 32 due to lung cancer. 2. When asked how safe could titanic be, the man who built titanic said: ‘not even god can sink it’. You all know what happened to titanic. 3. When visited by Billy graham during presentation of a show, Marlyn Monroe was told that god had sent him to preach her, to which she replied :’i don’t need your god’. A week later she was found dead in her apartment…” He went on and on narrating about Christine Hewitt’s death, Bon Scott’s death and many more. We all know about the famous and sad demise of people mentioned above, but putting them all together to come down to such a conclusion was surely a thing to throw accolades at! Needless to mention who won the competition, they were busy kissing their trophy and my teammates were busy booing them. I, doing neither of it, walked away, confused, thinking to myself ‘god exists?’.

Meanwhile, one fine eve, I was out with my friend’s family for an event. On our way back was this church they decided to visit. Watching my friend being happily fine about this idea, i said “never took you for the religious types”. To which he replied, “well, you gotta believe in something”. The next thing i did was stare at him the entire time he prayed with joined hands and closed eyes. I don’t think anything else in this universe can show me the glow his face did at that moment. Maybe it’s the innocence that rest of the believers fail to bring in. I think believing in god isn’t important, but if you do, where do you find him surely is! While some find him in nature, church, statues, signs, money and what not, I just found him in the innocence around me:)


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