I had an interesting conversation with a model, who ruled the ramp 10 years ago. He used to be married, but there were reports last year that he was dating a model and his marriage was in trouble. I have known this guy for a few years and it’s always fun to spend an evening with him. We were at a fancy nightclub and I learnt that guys think they know a lot about women from the way we walk, dress and wear our hair! It all began when a girl in her mid-30s passed by, wearing snug jeans. She was plump and had curly, waist-length hair. We both looked at her, and my friend said, “She must be really hot in bed.” I asked him how he had reached that conclusion.

He: Women with curly hair are highly sexed.
Me: And how do you know that this is her natural hair? She could have had a perm!
He: (Looking sheepish) Look at the way she walked.
Me: Do women have different styles of walking?
He: You won’t understand. Guys know this stuff.
Me: Interesting. What else do guys think they know about us?
He: We get clues from everything — the way you talk, the language you use, the way you dress.
Me: How can you sit in judgment? It’s like saying a girl who dresses demurely is demure and a girl in a dress that shows cleavage is a slut. It’s possible that the demurely dressed girl has had more affairs than someone, who wears a short dress. That’s so stupid, not to mention, unfair to peg people.
He: It’s a guy thing.
Me: (Irritated) Well, it’s a dumb thing. I recently read a book in which a cop says that women with dark circles are horny. Really now! She could be an insomniac, or having a vitamin deficiency. Just because she has dark circles doesn’t mean she’s up for having sex all the time.
He: Calm down. Guys talk like that.
Me: Not the men I interact with. Maybe men from that small town you hail from think like that. Metrosexual men from cities don’t. Just because I used the ‘F word’ doesn’t make me a whore. You and your friends need to get your head out of the gutter.
He: One innocent comment started this tirade. Let’s talk about something else.
Me: I don’t want to. Not after knowing that you are probably judging me every second. I am leaving.
I left. He tried stopping me, but this naturally curly-haired me was in no mood to. We’ll eventually go back to being buddies. Most days I would’ve ignored his comment. I mean, who cares what some random guy thinks about you, right?


4 thoughts on “Guys think they get us, but…

  1. Great blog. Any guy who says he “Gets” women is either incredibly lucky or full of it. I consider myself a smart guy, but will never profess to fully understand women. And I’m fine with that. It makes things interesting. As long as I treat her with respect, like I do everyone, until she proves she isn’t worthy of such respect, we’ve got a good starting point.

    • true that, a friend of mine says “understanding women is a book in which answers aren’t always in the back!” thankz for the appreciation:)

      • I really like your writing style so when I’ve got more time I’ll read other posts of yours as well. My blog will be all over the place, including my deluded take on dating (being in that game again).

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