I might be a lil’ late in writing this post, say what you will, i can’t wait for one entire year until it’s next international women’s day to share this funny incident of mine! This women’s day, early in the morn i was lying on my bed just when mom came, threw a piece of squashed paper at me saying, “you better keep your gutter closed in front of your younger sister”. Perplexed, i opened the the paper, written on it was my baby cousin’s elocution for the women’s day which can be read as:

Woman has a man in it.
Mrs. has a Mr. in it.
Female has a male in it.
She has a he in it.
Madam has an adam in it.
All problems start with men:
MENtal illness,
MENstrual cramps,
MENtal breakdown,
and the real trouble is HISterectomy!

In no minutes i understand my cousin studying in second grade has prepared her speech overhearing my talk in some girl’s gossip party. As i place her on my lap apologizing for unintentionally teaching the wrong things, re-teaching how men could be the best thing that has ever happened to a woman and asking what trouble did the speech exactly cause her, she asked “sis, what are you exactly talking about? i won the first place!” I growl at my mom, “you were never gonna tell me that, were you?”.

Meanwhile, a friend i like got his younger brother expelled from school for a week or such for saying, “Cindrella could be the best movie if watched backwards, for it would be all about a woman who learns her place. And a women’s place is in the kitchen”. When asked who he learnt it from, he pointed towards my friend, his elder brother. Yes, you can say the friend that i once upon a time used to like!

To all those who think a woman’s place is in the kitchen, i’d say “remember that’s where the knives are kept!”.

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