Talk to the strangers, they have the best candy, they say. What they never tell you about is the point of desperation that candy takes you to ! Has it ever happened to you that you terribly want to meet a stranger you’ve met only once? No lust, no love, no attraction, just some incomplete moments? more like the moments that didn’t end the way you wanted them to? To tell you what am i exactly getting at, i got a friend request on my facebook account from a stranger. Out of all the many requests, the one with this guy in hoodie and a guitar definitely caught my attention. Clicked on his name, visited his profile and sent him a message. The overall thread can be read as:

me: how do you know me?
him: i don’t. who are you?
me: i’ve got a friend request from you.
him: oh, might have been by mistake. Ignore it.
me: like you visited my profile ‘by mistake’ and clicked on add-friend-button ‘by mistake’? yea, sounds perfect.
him: i don’t need to visit your profile for that. There’s something called suggestions that facebook provides. And i don’t even understand why am i having this conversation with you !
me: to piss off the already pissed off me, maybe?
him: dear luddite lady, don’t flatter yourself.

In seconds, i was blocked. Wow, that escalated quickly. Calling me luddite was calling a pantheist an atheist, a professional an amateur! I mean, hey i’m a technologist myself. My ego was deeply hurt. Imagine yourself being rated as exactly opposite of what you’re special at. He was from a different country, so i had almost lost the hopes of bombarding my counterblast. He is learning law and the day i call him a ‘scoff-law’ and walk away giving him no chance to respond back is a pipe dream.

10 months later, appeared this one fine day, when i ‘by mistake’ dashed a guy in the library of my institute and his books fell on the ground.



Needless to mention who he was, collecting the books he screamed “you? again?”. You don’t need to know much of what happened next, but some cunning grin had made its appearance for the moment, pipe-dream was no more a pipe-dream and let the rest be counted in history;)

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