“what’s it about?”, i asked him as he gifted me this huge book being equally surprised as he answered, “a lil’ sweet arrogant bitch as you are”. Perplexed, i open it, the politics at the start was the quickest way to make me realize i’m not going to make it to the end of the book. Reluctantly, i started with few rectos and versos not remembering the point where i got myself knee deep in the book. Relating myself with Scarlett’s (female protagonist’s) character, i was involved so lot in her story to make her pains mine. I was flying so high, that i could literally touch the sky with her. What dragged me down was the tragic end by honorable writer Margaret Mitchell. After 816 pages of love story, she means to write the love had finally worn out and that i should accept it? Rhett (male protagonist) and Scarlett never have a happy ending together ! I spent sleepless nights thinking there has to be a better end to this, I didn’t deserve THIS ! I started googling about the book wishing internet had some answers. In front of me was an interview where author Margaret Mitchell was asked, “what happens to Rhett then?”, to which she replied, “for all i care, he got someone less difficult to live with”. Dumbfounded by the response, i knew it was gonna add to my sleeplessness and frustration. Spending 10 years writing such a wonderful creation and she simply shrugs off when asked about the sequel storyline! More of the internet searches told me about the sequel written by Alexandra Ripley named, ‘Scarlett’. Needless to mention, i hurriedly read the book. I know what you guys have to say about it, Alexandra’s writing reached nowhere near the depth Margaret did. Well, fiddle-dee-dee, she did one thing Margaret couldn’t and that is giving Scarlett her love back. Which also meant giving me my sleep and giving my mind its peace back. After 10 years of hardwork, Margaret was unsure if she’s gonna get her script published. So, i don’t care if you have to say she’s rolling in her grave reading Alexandra’s version of sequel. This entire Gone with the wind and its sequel has left a long-lasting imprint on my heart. Yes, i’m in love with Rhett, i couldn’t let him go with the wind and a lot of my happiness lies in knowing he lived happily with Scarlett ever after. Margaret got the due recognition and accolades she deserved, BUT theres no way i’m criticizing Alexandra like thousands of readers out there. Thank you, Alexandra ! ! Scarlett and Rhett would be alive in this heart as long as it beats !


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